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Nutfusion gathers in nature’s finest ingredients to create Australia’s most flavoursome foods. Made in small batches in Castlemaine, Victoria, our products are unique and versatile — a rewarding indulgence for food lovers with good taste everywhere.

Tunisian Cashew Harissa

A sensuous North African blend of dark roasted cashews, chilli, garlic and cool mint leaves. 

Macadamia & Pistachio Green Masala

Green mango, green chilli, pistachio and macadamia in a lively subcontinental blend. 

Zested Egyptian Dukkah

An exotic blend of lightly roasted nuts and Egyptian spices infused with a fresh lemon zest. 

Almond Brazil Cashew

Our versatile family favourite combines light, sweet and mellow flavours, a delicious everyday essential. 

Macadamia Ginger & Pear

Golden pears and dark glacé ginger blended with velvety Australian macadamias. 

Roasted Almond

Natural and nutritious Australian almonds with warm hearty flavours. 

Persian Fig & Orange

Dried figs, macadamias and orange will take you on an evocotive journey over the Silk Road. 

Roasted Macadamia & Ginger Syrup

An earthy flavour of roasted macadamias finishing with a spicy warm tingle of glacé ginger syrup. 

Rustic Nuts & Seeds

Almonds, brazil nuts and cashews mashed in a textural whirlwind of roasted seeds.

Chai Spiced Almonds & Pears

Fragrant spices weave their way through a combination of fresh Australian almonds and creamy pears. 

No additives • Dairy free • Vegan